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Today we went with one of or new friends, Elin, on a skåne sightseeing tour. She has been in Malmö quite often, but not in other parts of the county, so we thought we bring her onto some of our favorite places, Ale stenar in Kåseberga, and Smygehuk, the most..

Driving South, part 2

Nothing fancy this day, we drove down following E22 highway, following the east coast of Sweden. We eventually needed some food and found a nice place not far from Oskarshamn, seems like a very nice place to hang out on a summer, there was even a camping site there, good..

Monday in Stockholm

First proper day of vacation! Weather has been gray all day, so we headed to Fotografiska for an exhibition. The one about war photography was interesting, but very depressing. After that we walked to Gamla Stan for a shopping spree at Sound Pollution, we came back with 9 records, so..

Fries, Friends and hat

Fries, Friends and hat

Today we visited one of my oldest friends from the Norrköping days, Peter at the hospital, great to see him progress, to bad stuff happens, but I’m gonna leave that out of here, because privacy. After the visit to him in the concreate palace of Huddinge Sjukus we wanted to..

Almost like home

Friday. We drove up to some old friends to Michaela and stayed at their great loft above their garage (which was more of a apartment really). It was really fun to hang out with them, first time for me. They live outside of Tungelsta in a nice woodland area, filled..

Friends visit!

Jouni and Ellie came by! Haven’t seem Jouni in a year and Ellie even longer, so we here so happy that they could stop by here before heading back. We started with lunch at Smak and then headed to our place for some absinth! To calm down a bit we..