Fries, Friends and hat

Today we visited one of my oldest friends from the Norrköping days, Peter at the hospital, great to see him progress, to bad stuff happens, but I’m gonna leave that out of here, because privacy.

After the visit to him in the concreate palace of Huddinge Sjukus we wanted to go to Flippin’ burgers since we heard so much about them being great. We also threw out a hook to meet some more friends from the Norrköping days, and Marcus responded and joined! I definitely enjoyed the burger and fancy-fries.

Burger time! Karaage fried tempeh – Organic Swedish tempeh soaked in a classic japanese marinade, Deep fried & topped with roasted garlic & lemon slaw, burger cheese and salt pickles

After a nice meal we went to Omnipollos hatt for beers and I got a great stout, and that was the last glass from that key, so I was happy I got to try it.

Omnipolls hatt!

We eventually got a table (this tiny place is always busy) and while we waited for Anna to join us the barkeep asked if we wanted some more beers. I was about to say that I was waiting for a new stout-key, and at the same time he asked if we wanted some more stouts! He also asked especially asked what kind and that ”we have a pretty big cellar”, and after a short sync we ended up with the Omnipolloscope #3, which was amazing! Anna joined us and more beers were had. After a while the barkeep came by with a glass of slush beer (they used to serve a couple of them as “soft serve”, with slush of the beer on top of the beer) and he was happy that one of them where finally out since they were a hell to pour, so he gave us the slush and four spoons for us to try, as he didn’t want it to go to waste, so we had it as dessert!

Another amazing vacation day came to end. Thanks All!