Sunn O)))

Me and Michaela took the train over to Copenhagen for the concert. We were a bit early so we walked round a bit and found a bar and just had soda instead of beer for once (we were both skipping alcohol for a few months). When we got to the Royal Danish Academy of Music we ran into BM and nano! Nano said that Sunn O might be the loudest band there is, and we soon found out.

The concert started in the magnificent hall with Kali Malone playing on the insanely large organ, very low and slow electronic music, but on an organ. Then Sunn O))) started, and BOY! That was the loudest I have heard. There was no pause in the music, you were just surrounded by distortion for two hours. FANTASTIC! Loads of smoke and some mellow laser effects, and then just the sound. It was like being in trance, you had to relax to not being overwhelmed by Sunn O))) and the effect was amazing. Highly recommend you to see them if they are close by. Just remember to get both in-ear and on-ear protectors (no, I’m not kidding, I sure will).