Hörte Brygga

We continued with our christmas tradition of three years and went with a bunch of friends to Hörte Brygga and “the tastes of christmas”. Popular x-mas dishes presented and created with new techniques. The tastes were great, the wine good but the “snaps” package was probably the best pairing. I’m already looking forward to next year! This year we managed to pull together enough people to book a whole table, so it was just us in the whole place, what a great experience

This year was a “best-of” from past Julens Smaker, so that is what the year signifies on the photos. More photos/dishes to come.

Hörte Brygghus i Hörte Hamn
Janson kexet 2016
Ägghalva med brysselkål/löjrom 2018
Kavring med hovmästarsmör 2019