Driving South

Woke up at hotel and went over to Systembolaget trying to find some local (to Stockholm) beers to bring to our next set of dinner dates in Norrköping, Offa and Anton. The staff was really helpful! but they where out of most variations, so the staff told us to go to the bigger store downtown. Since we where also about to pick up or new turntable at Webhallen we thought “why not” and drove over there after packing up.

We found a great parking spot and got the turntable, and while walking over to systembolaget we had a nice lunch at a square pizza place with fantastic slices at Östermalm. We then headed over to the possibly rudest staff at any Systembolaget that a) didn’t know shit, b) sad that their temporary stuff was different from others (it wasn’t) and c) said that they possibly stopped with local stuff, but he wasn’t sure about that either, so we went out and drove to Kungens kurva. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything either, so we headed towards Norrköping instead. On the read we figured that maybe Nyköping could have something fun and at least they had a few ones, so we could at least get a nice “gift-bag” together.

Yes, I bought a zoom lens

Of course we went by Vaxkupan to look at records, but we didn’t fancy much. Anyhow, we headed out to Urbane Goat for dinner and oh boy, what food they had, totally blown away, (drink’s weren’t bad either)! Totally recommend a visit. The food can be descried as “asian tapas”. Smaller plates that you can share or just eat by yourself. I’m gonna let to food speak for itself with some images

Urbane Goat was great, it’s worth a detour if you are 500 km from Norrköping.

We also had some beers at Munken, as you do. Cheers!