Wow! What a great night! I hadn’t really planned on going to the gig, but at Copenhell I realized that since I’ve been to both Slayer and Megadeth at KB I should really see testament there as well. Said and done, ticket got bought and off I went!


The night started with some excellent fish tacos at Casual Street food, no pics, but belive me, they went down fast! After that I headed over to Taproom to wait for some other metalheads that I know to team up with them. I had a half a beer for my self when some other old friends that wasn’t going to the concert, so we had some beers and then the other guys showed up, and we went to KB.

At KB the support act was FKÜ, and while they where pretty tight in their playing, the lack of variation made it kind of dull, but sure, it was fun for a few songs.

Then the main act when on stage, TESTAMENT! It was great, I think the band hadn’t played a small venue like that for ages, so they really looked like they had a great time! While I’m writing this a week later I can’t remember the songs they played, but it was massive and tight from all over their long career.

Front row, yey!
Front row, yey!

A great time with great friends, what not to like! 5/5.