Thursday, April 28, 2011

Use a specific proxy connection with Chrome Web Browser in OSX

I travel a little bit now and then so I use a few different wireless or fixed networks that I'm a guest at. I tend to use Firefox a lot, and in FF i have set FF to always browse via my proxy server at home (tinyproxy). The handy thing with FF is that the proxy setting is only for FF, and that is a feature I've been missing in Chrome which I tend to use more often these days.

In OSX, there is a setting to use a proxy in System Preferences, but then that setting will be applied to all programs (except FF in my case), which is not what I want. So today I googled if there were any new addons for Chrome that could do that, and lo and behold, here is the solution (but not from a addon...)

Type the following in a (or iTerm2, which is awesome)

open -a /Applications/Google\ --args --proxy-server=proxy.home.over.vpn:8888
I saved that string as an alias in .bashrc for reuse.

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