Saturday, October 23, 2010

Printing with Konica Minolta PP1300W in OSX Snow Leopard (over Time Capsule)

I was supposed to do this years ago, and I actually tried to, but I never got the gutenprinting stuff to work with the built in CUPS of OSX. However, today was the day I thought I might just do it!

Turns out it was quite easy (after I tried all the different combinations that is...)

  1. Go to Linuxprinting and download the min12xxw dmg (min12xxw-0.0.92-ub.dmg).
  2. Download the Ghostscript stuff from the same page (gplgs-8.71.dmg)
  3. Run the installer for min12xxw
  4. Run the Ghostscript installer
  5. Add your printer (it will auto select the Foomatic/min12xx driver
  6. Save and print!

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