Thursday, February 25, 2010

Track your laptop?

I used to use Adeona ( for laptop tracking, but since OpenDHT closed down Adeona kind of lost all usability. Today, after the whole story about the school that remotely enabled the webcam in the schools laptop to track their students, I got reminded of Adeona again :)

Oh, the irony in this! A-ny-way: I wanted something to replace Adeona, and I found instead. Just download and install! It is written in Bash/Perl so it is highly customizable. Since I rather prefer to keep my information myself I created a SSH cert and set it to upload files to one of my public systems instead of using their information center.

Wanna know more? Check them out! It's free, and it's even available for android!

To enable scp of the data, set "post_method" to "scp" in /usr/share/prey/config, and set username/hostname at the bottom of that file. Also, since you probably want to run it as root, "sudo su -" and do "ssh-keygen" to generate a new cert. Upload this to a prey-user at your server and there you go!

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